Spring is a time of rebirth.

Nature flourishes after the winter break and we, too, feel this drive for renewal. It is the right time to plan and start with new adventures.

And so I too got caught up in this generating force, and my new blog was born!

My relationship with words is simple and sophisticated at the same time. I’m a passionate reader, but recently my passion started to take a strange turn!

Sometimes I think that words pursue me.

They are born in my mind and wrap it with a thousand sounds.

Sometimes a word is like a photograph; sometimes they are whole sentences like a short movie.

They appear and take shape gradually; enriched with new sounds and different nuances. And at some point comes the overwhelming urge to write them down. Is this what professional writers feel when inspiration invades them? 


In any case, it had never happened to me before today.

To be clear, I have always known how to use words. I was the one who never suffered from the blank slate syndrome at school and could write pages and pages starting from a brief inspiration. This also helped me in my work. In this case, we talk about PowerPoint slides that were quickly completed, creating presentations and documents.

The real novelty is that for the first time these words are ready to be written on a blank sheet and do not speak of that poet or a specific historical period. They don’t talk about that project or that contract.

For the first time my words talk about me, my work and the life philosophy I pursue in the projects I manage for my clients.

I’ve found my voice.

I hope it will reach all those who -like me- believe in a world where companies can work together and better. A world where ALL people are at the centre of business: whether they are employees or customers. A world where companies accept and embrace different working methods that lead to collaboration and involvement of those who participate in the life of that company. Because when a person works better, recognises her in the values that a company represents and feels involved, great things can happen.

So if you think that people should be at the centre of business activities, read on!

People Friendly Processes

I’ll talk about Business Travel and Traveller’s Experience. I will explain how important it is for the growth of your company to manage this area by involving your travellers and creating the ideal conditions for them to work at their best.

I will also talk about Employee Experience and Customer Experience because in our increasingly competitive world, ensuring the well-being of your employees and having satisfied customers becomes a success factor for any organisation that wants to grow.

I will talk about new and different ways to manage your projects (of any kind) that will allow you to get results faster, taking advantage of the skills and knowledge already existing in your organisation, thanks to the early involvement of all the actors involved and to co-creation techniques.

It is no coincidence that I called my approach “People Friendly Processes” to underline the fact that it is possible to create tools / processes / services from the people that will use them,  and thus create a positive boost for the growth of the organisation.

Enjoy the reading!